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Dallas College Databases

Library Databases

Using Library Databases

Many library databases have full-text articles from periodicals (journals, magazines and newspapers). Some databases also have book chapters, videos, images and more. Databases are specifically designed for research and provide reliable results from known sources. Google searches, on the other hand, provide lots of results and can be difficult to determine which websites are reliable and provide accurate information appropriate for college-level research.

Signing In to Databases

If you are not on campus, you will need to sign in to access library databases. The information needed to sign in is exactly the same as what you use to access eCampus (Dallas College email address and eCampus/eConnect password).

What Are Databases and Why You Need Them?

Dallas College Research Guides

Using Research Guides and Library Resources

Has an instructor asked you to use research for a class assignment such as an essay or presentation? Research for college-level assignments often requires more than quickly finding something from a website. You will need quality sources from reliable authors or organizations providing accurate and often timely information on specific topics. It's a lot to think about! Instead of trying to figure out which websites might offer acceptable sources, try using a library resource! Use a link in the Library Resources box or a Research Guide focused on specific subjects or sources to make your research easier.