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Free Dell Laptops: Free Dell Laptop User Information

Getting Support

Congratulations on being a new laptop owner!  Getting started can be daunting but you do have support to help you along the way.  Dallas College is able to help you set-up your laptop and we have compiled a list of affordable Wi-Fi options to help you get connected.  Dell Support will be your go to source for all hardware questions.

How to Register

Registering your laptop ensures you receive all the benefits that come with your laptop.  Some of these benefits may include accessing warranty, support services, updates, and submitting claims.

How can Dallas College Help?

Dallas College can help with all Dallas College software and managements systems.  These include but are not limited to navigating Blackboard or Brightspace, library databases, the virtual desktop, and printing at the College.

Dell Support

The Dell support team can help with technical and purchasing issues. 

Keeping Your Laptop Safe

Being a laptop owner means you need to be security aware.  Keep your computer and personal information safe from viruses, malware and spam.  Stay alert and be cautious.