How to Set Up Your NoodleTools Account


NoodleTools assists with MLA, APA, and Chicago citation format by providing the following features.

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  • Create full citations for sources
  • View example in-text citations (MLA and APA) or footnotes (Chicago) for full citations
  • Generate formatted citation list in Microsoft Word (named Works Cited for MLA, References for APA, and Bibliography for Chicago) 

Create Account

1. Click on the link below.
Note: If not on campus, you will need to sign in using your full Dallas College email address and password (same info used for eCampus). Use the link below for more details.
2. Click on Register link below Sign In button.

3. Respond to registration questions and create personal ID/password.
About You: Leave as "I am a student or library patron"
School/Location: Select campus (Brookhaven, El Centro, Eastfield, etc.)
Expected year of graduation: Not sure? Just guess or select Not Applicable
Personal ID: Use your student ID (with or without the letter e)
Password: Must be at least four characters
Last 4 Digits of Phone Number, Initials, Email: Information only used to help if you need to reset your password
4. Click on Register.

Login to Existing Account

Click on the link below and sign in with your NoodleTools Personal ID and password.

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