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Learning Frameworks (EDUC 1300) - Information Literacy: The Pilot Assignment

A source of information literacy ideas and activities for instructors and students, both online and in face to face classes

The Pilot Assignment

This assignment is now ready. Some instructors may choose to wait till Spring 2011 in order to benefit from the recommendations of the pilot instructors who are doing the test run of this assignment in Fall, 2010.


Use the following reverse-ordered list of questions and answers to identify the resources you'll need for this assignment:
Begin with the end in mind.

Foliotek ePortfolio, Example.

a. 30 Library Tools and Resources.  pdf 

A one sided, single sheet listing of key research tools including the 6 essential finding tools that everyone should know. Students and instructors are encouraged to invent a variety of activities with these tools.

b. Task 1: Using Encycyclopedias to Form a Focus (Instructions)pdf | doc

A guided practice assignment designed to move from an open ended research question toward a more well focused research question. And to learn some recommended research tools in the process.

c. Pre-Research Organizer -Information Literacy - Learning Assignment  pdf | doc

The form used by students to work their way through and information literacy - learning assignment for Task 1.

d. Pre-Research Organizer - Blank pdf | doc

A blank form so the assignment could be adapted to any class or discipline.

e. Task 2: Documenting Your Research Organizer (Instructions)  pdf | doc

A guided practice assignment designed to develop strong research habits in students including the requirement to use credible sources and to prove that they have done so.

f. Documenting Your Research Organizer - Blank  pdf | doc

A blank form which students and instructors can use for any research project.

g. Information Literacy Rubric  pdf | doc

What developing quality in research looks iike.

h. Reflection Rubric  pdf | doc

What developing quality in reflection looks iike.

i. ePortfolio Rubric pdf | doc |

What developing quality in an  ePortfolio looks iike. 


Use the following reverse-ordered list of questions and answers to identify the resources you'll need for this assignment:
Begin with the end in mind.

Recommended order, as below: 10, 1-9.

The Information Assignment Overview. video (5:19)

Foliotek ePortfolio, Example. video (2:59) my site:

10. Begin with the end in mind. 
       ePortfolio  - 4 years into the future. video (2:39)| pdf

1. What is information literacy? video (9:30) | pdf |doc 
    "Information literacy is the ability to know when there is a need for information, to be able to  identify, locate, evaluate and effectively and responsibly use and share the information for the problem at hand." -- AACU VALUE Rubric. 9a. What are annotations and reflections and where do they show up on the eportfolio? video (4:00)| pdf | doc

2. How do I know what good research looks like?
    Information Literacy VALUE Rubric. video (1:00) pdf

3. How do I develop a well focused research question of proper scope?
    Pre-Research Organizer. instructions | blank video (4:55)

4. How do I identify the best information tools and resources for answering my research question? 
    30 Research Tools and Resources in the DCCCD Libraries.  video (13:24) 

5. How do I find evidence that is relevant to my research question? 
    Hard work. Patience. Good thinking. Use of super researchers (librarians). video (1:00)

6. How do I demonstrate that an author or organization is a credible authority? 
    Look for evidence by Googling them. Present it as if in a court of law. video (1:06)

7. How do I create and organize content for the annotations area in my ePortfolio?
    Documenting Your Research Organizer. blank | video (3:01)

8. How do I gather and store the bibliographic information and the annotations for the resources I'll use in my ePortfolio?
      NoodleTools / NoodleBib videos | guided practice (recommended) pdf | doc

9b. How do I get documents into Foliotek and link to them?
      Create a Word document, post it, and drag it into your annotations page. video (2:26)


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