How to Set Up Your Pronunciator Account


Pronunciator provides interactive, self-paced learning materials for more than 163 languages, ESL materials for 50+ non-English languages, and a COVID-19 language course in 101 languages. Additionally, you can

  • Use flashcards, audio lessons, and interactive textbooks
  • Practice with typing games, quizzes, videos, music, and downloadable phrase guides
  • Access and track progress across multiple devices with apps for iOS and Android

Already have an account? Just login at the Pronunciator Login Page

If accessing remotely from home or through WiFi, you may need to provide your DCCCD username and password credentials. For more info on your DCCCD student login, go to Signing In to Dallas College.

Create an Account

1. On the Pronunciator Login Page look at the First Time Here? section on the right side

2. Click Register

  • For username, consider using your DCCCD student email as this username login. You can then create a password of your own choosing, that you can use for future logins. 
  • Additionally, a Registered Pronunciator student username and password can also be used to login to ProCitizen, a special companion product that helps prepare users for U.S Citizenship.


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