How to Set Up Your ProCitizen Account

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What is ProCitizen?

ProCitizen provides the ideal preparation for the U.S Naturalization Test, a requirement for U.S. Citizenship.  Through this interactive, self-paced program, you will be guided through the Civics, Reading, and Writing portions of the Naturalization Test!  

With ProCitizen's series of 100 informative videos, plus practice exercises and quizzes, you will learn everything you need to know to successfully pass the Naturalization Test including:

  • Principles of American Democracy, System of Government, Rights and Responsibilities,.
  • American History – from Colonial Period through Recent American History!..
  • Geographic Symbols, Holidays and a Vocabulary Study for the Reading and Writing Test.

Already have an account? Just login at the ProCitizen Login Page

If accessing remotely from home or through WiFi, you may need to provide your DCCCD username and password credentials. 

For more info on your DCCCD student login, go to  Signing In to Dallas College.

How Do I Get a Pronunciator Account?

1. On the ProCitizen Login Page look at the First Time Here? section on the right side.

2. Click Register.

  • For username, consider using your DCCCD student email as this username login. You can then create a password of your own choosing, that you can use for future logins.
  • Additionally, a Registered ProCitizen student username and password can also be used to login to Pronunciator, a fun and free way to learn any of 163 languages with Personalized Courses, movies, music, and more. Including a new COVID-19 language course .


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